12 Best Spring Wedding Ideas 2023

12 Best Spring Wedding Ideas 2023

2023 wedding begins! While the emergence of COVID-19 has changed the ability to throw parties in past years, 2023 brings more possibilities and new wedding trends are emerging.


It’s time to get ready for Spring weddings. All you look forward to will be realized in this season, from lush flowers to pastel colors to gorgeous garden-inspired details. Not to mention, it's a season of welcome change: warmer weather, longer days, and a burst of life. We associate this season with muted color palettes—think pinks, purples, whites, baby blues—and pretty flowers, both details that translate perfectly to spring wedding decor. In fact, when we get married in spring, our general advice is to draw inspiration from the seasons!


We’ve rounded up some latest spring wedding ideas for your coming weddings. Keep Scrolling!


Consider Invitations with Floral Prints

Your formal invitation suite is the first impression guests will have of your wedding day décor. Consider including a flower decor on your invitations as illustrations, patterns, or even envelope linings to enhance the beauty.


Incorporate In-season Bloom as Your Wedding Bouquet

Seasonal blooms would add a touch of freshness and liveliness for your wedding. Consider flowers like white peonies, lavender, white roses, ranunculus, and pale pink sweetheart roses.


Give the Groomsmen Boutonnieres

Let the groomsmen take part in the wedding's overall floral look by having each one add a single in-season bloom to their lapel.


Use "something green or pink" for Your Bridal Squad

Spring is full of something green or pink, like lush trees, greenish plants, and blooming flowers. Use green or pink for your bridal squad would be a perfect choice in your big day. Popular green collection colours include Dusty Sage, Olive Green, Emerald. And most loved pink styles have Dusty Rose, Candy Pink, Coral. Shop at Duntery, more than 200 chic styles and 70 trendy colours at an affordable price.


Serve Fresh Specialty Cocktails

At this time, the weather goes warmer. It’s considerate to offer cool specialty cocktails for your guests. Garnishing a cocktail with something pretty would also be an adorable scene at your wedding.


Give Flower Girls Adorable Baskets

When it comes to spring weddings, we often think of pastoral. Prepare woven flower baskets for your little flower girls, which is more in line with your spring wedding theme.


Include Some Lovely Animals

Bring the cutest guest ever to your wedding, like lambs, bunnies or puppies, garland decoration would be adorable.


Create a Floral Arch

We need ceremony in our life, especially in our big day. Think about this, walk across the floral arch and then enter a fairytale life. How fantastic! Make the entryway to your ceremony or reception stand out.


Find an outdoor wedding venue

With the arrival of spring, the flowers bloom and the greenery is abundant. Take advantage of nature's beauty by moving your wedding outside. But do check the weather in advance and consider whether to prepare indoor venue as you know the weather in spring is changing any time.


Hand Out Custom Fans

Since the weather can be hit or miss this time of year, it’s smart to prepare for both extremes. If it's too hot in your big day, a fan would be what they need. If it cannot play a role, it also can be given as a gift to your guests.


Serve Fresh Fruit

Strawberries are in season, so take advantage. We love how this theme is woven throughout the tablescape’s design, from the fruit bundle to the poppy centerpiece and printed linens.


Embrace Edible Flowers

This trendy garnish is a must at any flower-filled celebration. We suggest adding edible petals to special treats, such as the cake or a signature cocktail.



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