2022 Top 3 Most Popular Wedding Trends

2022 Top 3 Most Popular Wedding Trends

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We're here to share some fantastic wedding tips and trends with you, ladies. Weekly, we send out color and match guides to our clients. Today, we'll focus on bridal table decorations, gown choosing, and dessert ideas. Continue reading to find out more. These fantastic suggestions inspire more ideas for your bridal parties.

Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly wedding decorations

Using more real green leaves and flowers instead of plastic stuff will give you a pretty lovely wedding, whether you desire a fresh green wedding or simply want to save money.

The use of beautiful greenery is one of the foreseeable trendy wedding ideas for 2022. For stylish wedding ornamentation, consider wedding tables with cascades of foliage or ceremony arches with masses of fresh leaves and greenery.

Nice Dresses at a Low Cost

According to Vogue, another fashion bible, recent runways have provided us with a magnificent feast of exquisite white bridesmaid gowns!

We are usually hesitant to select white bridesmaid gowns because the bride will be wearing a white bridal gown. It is, however, time to introduce something fresh. Create a pure and lovely white bridesmaid squad if you're brave enough. Take a look at the following unforgettable statement-making white-colored moments.

Do you need beautiful white bridesmaid dresses for your maid of honor? Look at these.

Makayla by Duntery is a floor-length chiffon bridesmaid dress. To make it airy and floaty, the designer used the traditional A-line cut. Its innovative keyhole back and illusion neckline make you mysterious and stylish. Its attractive belt is an excellent complement to your flawless physique.

Duntery Mariah is a stunning full-length chiffon gown that kisses the ground beneath your feet. A halter neckline and a unique back design with buttons give it a refined look while also revealing your beautiful figure. This gorgeous dress combines casual elegance with a free-form style.

Single Cakes in Smaller Sizes

A large wedding cake is beautiful, but it is also wasteful. People may not be able to cut and eat the large cake, which is problematic for your wedding guests

What could be a more fashionable way to indulge in your favorite delicacies than with an Artisan mobile wedding caterer? Vegan street food vendors, Crêpe and Waffle bars, prosecco vans, retro-style gin bars, and even classic VW ice cream vans are becoming increasingly popular among couples.


We've been noticing this tendency for quite some time. As a result, we exchanged a lot of unique and beautiful thoughts there. For more beautiful wedding inspiration, see our official Instagram account @Duntery.uk

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