2022 Top Trendy Wedding Styles

2022 Top Trendy Wedding Styles

Have you always dreamed of a beach wedding or a more traditional wedding? Whatever you envision for your own big day, you'll find inspiration on wedding themes and styles such as vintage, contemporary, rustic, bohemian weddings and more, as well as ideas for seasonal celebrations. Here are 2022 top trendy wedding styles for your reference.


  1. Garden Weddings


If you want to highlight the romance of a garden wedding, the venue layout is very important, and a fresh and elegant layout will be a better choice. Since outdoor green occupies most of the color of the entire wedding, if you want to make the whole environment harmonious and noble, you should choose lighter colors, such as white, pink, light purple, light yellow, etc. It should be noted that try to avoid bright red flowers, it will destroy the elegant feeling.


In addition, the atmosphere of the garden wedding is not as grand and restrained as the traditional wedding, which is called "lively wedding". Brides are suitable for choosing some romantic and simple styles, such as floor-length wedding dresses. If the legs are beautiful enough, you can also choose the popular short-front and long-back wedding dresses this year, which are both romantic and conducive to activities. Bridesmaid dresses should in light colors like white, dusty sage to suit the whole wedding style. At the same time, the bride and the bride can let go and play interactive games with relatives and friends, without losing the elegance and romance of the bride. The groom's dress is suitable for some light tones and simple clothes.


  1. Beach Weddings


Now more and more couples have begun to choose to hold their weddings by the sea. Sunshine, sea breeze, blue sea, white sandy beach, comfortable and romantic. In this type of wedding, you should adapt to the beach culture and choose more sexy wedding dresses (check our feature wedding gown Molly).


It is best to decorate a beach wedding with warm colors and floral elements. The elegant chiffon style should be focused when choosing a wedding dress. Beach weddings can be elegant or relaxed. If you want to be elegant, you can set up an arch of flowers on the beach and make vows with your honey under the witness of the blue sea and blue sky. The colors of the flowers can be brighter to set off a warm atmosphere. For a more casual look, the bride could get rid of the wedding dress and opt for a bohemian maxi dress from the Floral Collection.


  1. Rustic Weddings

Rustic weddings  ( We got trending rustic colors bridesmaid dresses like Gold, Taupe, Vintage Mauve, Dusty Sage, etc), as the name suggests, are weddings held in the countryside with a strong rural atmosphere. Rustic weddings, fresh and romantic, place more emphasis on feeling than form, mainly focusing on completing a simple ceremony in the embrace of nature. 


The most important is to find a beautiful country. Considering the rural environment, the wedding dresses should not be too luxurious, but mainly in noble and elegant styles, reflecting the simple feeling.


  1. Modern Weddings


Modern weddings are a great option for brides and grooms who crave all things contemporary and current. For modern-themed weddings, this can mean stationery with clean lines and sans serif fonts, a graphic color scheme, unique wedding flowers, and a cool wedding venue like a museum. Here, browse the best modern wedding trends.


In this wedding style, the bride can choose a luxurious and high-end bridal gown that is suitable for the wedding venue and wedding layout. It is impressive to walk along with the platform with an embroidery floor-length wedding dress.





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