7 Tips for Shopping Bridesmaid Dresses Online

7 Tips for Shopping Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Buying bridesmaid dresses in brick-and-mortar stores is not the only way any more. With the rise of online shopping, more and more brides or bridesmaids choose their dresses from online stores which fefeatureast shipping, reasonable price and various styles. But there are also many people who worry about the safety or inconvenience of online shopping. Here we’ve rounded up best tips for you to ensure a wonderful shopping experience and make you feel relieved.


Set up the Budget

The budget should be the first factor to purchase a bridesmaid dress no matter who pays for it. Your bridal party members' budget is one of those sensitive topics that can disrupt even the most meticulously planned process, so talk to your bridesmaids about that. It will help determine where you should shop from the very beginning. Then you can start looking for dresses online.


Plan a Date in Advance

Don’t expect your bridesmaids to drop everything as soon as you mention the word ‘wedding’. Get a date in their diaries so you can gather together to find a great website and dresses which should be loved by all of you. Talking face to face about dress style, color or any other topics must be more effective than online chat.


Choose a Dress

The next step is to find a best dress loved by all of you. Preferring to the overall design should be most important. Apart from that, here are some factors should also be considered.


Take into account what time of year you’ll be getting married, and select a bridesmaid dress style, fabric, and color that works with the season. If you’re marrying in the spring or summer, most selected styles are off-the-shoulder or strapless, the suitable fabric is chiffon and bright colors like blue, green, and orange are much better. Whereas if you’re getting married in the fall or winter, sequin floor-length dresses with long sleeves would be better. Factoring in the season of your wedding will ensure you pick a bridesmaid dress style that matches the rest of your wedding.


Wedding Styles

Your wedding style also plays an important role in what your bridesmaids should wear on the big day. For example, if you prepare a vintage wedding, consider modest bridesmaid dresses. Knowing your overall aesthetic will make sure that the bridesmaid dresses you choose are cohesive with your specific wedding style.  


Make Your Measurement Rightly

To avoid of the trouble of returning the dresses for size problem, measuring your size before your purchase is especially significant. The dress size on different websites might not be the same as your normal size. But don’t worry, almost all websites provide size chart which you can refer to and find your best-suit one. Also, custom size is also offered on some websites. Duntery offers this service for free!


Place an Order Early

It is suggested that you place an order 7-8 months early considering the processing time, shipping time, and time to find another one because of returns. Bridesmaid dresses are always produced after you place the order. The processing time varies in different companies, but it usually takes a month. One thing about online shopping different from offline shopping is that the shipping site might not be local, so the delivery time needs to be left about 10 days at least. The most troublesome one is that you had to return this dress and find another one because of color difference or misfit after you wait for more than one month. Therefore, place an order early and carefully can save a lot of effort.


Be Aware of Extra Costs

When you place an order, the final fees you need to pay might not be only the cost of the dress, which might include shipping charges, shipping insurance or customized fees. So be aware of these extra costs, and think about whether you could accept these fees, you’ve got a budget to stick to after all.


See Colors in Real Life First

The colors of most pictures, actually lighter or darker than real colors, are adjusted to look pretty wonderful, which cause customers’ complaints and returns when they receive the real dress. It causes huge time waste and money waste. So one way to reduce these costs is to buy some color swatches first to check the colors in real life and make sure the color is what you like. It means you need to leave time for shopping color swatches and waiting for them.


Duntery Offers Dresses and Service Really What You Need.


  1. 70 trendy hues and enough stylish styles


Our bridesmaid dresses come in 70 trendy hues, like classic burgundy, navy blue and green, trendy dusty sage, champagne and cinnamon rose, which fulfill every romantic wedding vibe. We will also develop new colors according to customer requirements and market trends every wedding season.

Each year, we develop new STYLISH styles of bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses, in various necklines, lengths, sleeves, silhouettes. Every dress has its unique design, which is timeless and flattering for everybody.


  1. Custom sizing

Full size was made to fit and flatter every body figure. Besides, We offer FREE custom sizing options on each product page to fit different body shape needs. All you need to do is giving us your bust/waist/hip measurements so that we can make it to your size.


  1. Color swatches

Wondering what the colours look like in real life? Concerned that dresses come with colours difference that might not fit your nuptial party? At Duntery, there would be no worries for your trouble. We offer color swatches for you to check the colors in real life.

  1. Delivery service

We provide different fastest international shipping methods, mainly including DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT. Normally it will take 3-8 business days to arrive after the package is shipped out.


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