Color Swatches Will Be A Good Choice Before Shopping

Color Swatches Will Be A Good Choice Before Shopping

Do you worry about the color differences of the dress in front of the screen and in real life? undoubtedly, most of you will say yes. But don’t worry about that at DUNTERY, cause here you can get colour swatches to see it in real life before buying a dress, just for £1.

We know that the colors you see on your screen may appear differently in person. And, we want you to be sure that you are able to order our Bridesmaid and Wedding Party Collections with confidence! Here are some most-popular color systems for your reference:


Top1: Blue

Blue is a versatile wedding color. Choosing a blue bridesmaid dress for the ceremony opens up a whole world of new possibilities and an outstanding wedding palette.


  1. Sky Blue

This color is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. In addition, you can find these gowns in multiple fabric options, from chiffon to satin. Sky Blue is a universal compliment choice.


  1. Royal Blue

Royal blue is a deep and vivid shade of blue. This vivid color could be used as an accent color in a more subdued color scheme. In clothing, royal blue can be used for a tasteful pop of color and tends to suit all skin tones. In interior design, royal blue’s intensity can be balanced with neutral tones of ivory or champagne. (like DUNTERY's Vanessa)




  1. Dusty Blue

a variable color averaging a pale blue that is redder and darker than average powder blue, redder and less strong than Sistine, and greener and stronger than average cadet gray.


Top2: Green

Green denotes something new, and better than what we’ve experienced in the past. It represents the ideal for a lifetime of married bliss. And green is a calming hue, emblematic of concepts like wealth, health, and vitality.



  1. Dusty Sage

Get inspired by the soft hues of spring with dusty sage bridesmaid dresses from DUNTERY! Dress up with a variety of beautiful accessories to capture your style.


  1. Emerald

Inspired by the most beautiful and desirable gemstone in the world, Emerald is a tone of green that is particularly light and bright, with a faint bluish cast. A Pantone color of the year, Emerald is an enduring color in the fashion and beauty world. Its transcendent beauty makes it just the perfect choice for almost any wedding palette and theme, not to mention that of your bridesmaid dresses. (like DUNTERY's Mariah)


  1. Dark Green

Dark green is one of the most popular colors of this season and rightly so. This flattering color suits almost any skin tone and complements well with jewel tones. Your bridesmaids will love walking down the aisle in dark green.



Top3: Red&Orange



  1. Burgundy

The colour burgundy takes its name from the Burgundy wine in France. Burgundy is made of 50% red, 0% green, and 13% blue. The CMYK percentages are 0% cyan, 100% magenta, 75% yellow, 50% black. It’s a classic color in wedding.


  1. Mulberry

Mulberry is a deep raspberry color and is an endearing choice for any bridal party. Optimistic and engaging, Mulberry is lovely in a sweet garden venue or a rustic woodland venue. Complete the look with a fresh floral crown and natural loose waves.


  1. Rust

Rust is currently one of the most popular colors for weddings, as bold and lively as orange, but much more elegant and stylish. That's why it's all the rage in the 70's and boho weddings. And it’s the perfect color to complement your fair complexion.


  1. Sunset

Sunset is a bright hued coral-orange that never loses its luster. More and more brides are beginning to incorporate this fun color into their wedding palettes for a pop of radiance.This color with a symptom of vitality and youth is popular in spring and summer wedding.


Top4: Pink

Pink bridesmaid dresses can be worn in a variety of shades & palettes ranging from light pink & pale pink to dusty, blush or hot pink. These bridesmaid dresses will be the perfect complement to the bride on her special day.


  1. Candy Pink


Candy pink embodies the romance of the big day and the love shared between best friends. This color can easily be incorporated into any wedding palette with its many shades. Candy pink is lovely for whimsical and intimate affairs.


  1. Blushing Pink

Blushing pink is the color of choice when looking for something that will perfectly portray a romantic and sensitive vibe, blush bridesmaid dresses are the natural fit. This kind of pale pink excels at evoking a sense of femininity, it’s great for summer affairs that will take place outdoors. (like DUNTERY's Zoe)



  1. Dusty Rose

 Dusty rose, reminding of softness and elegance, is the perfect color to bring even more romance to your wedding! Discover dusty rose bridesmaid dresses in long and short styles for a stunning bridal party. (like DUNTERY's Isabelle)



Our dresses come in 70 hues which can effortlessly inspire any wedding vibe.

Go ahead and choose any of our color options listed, just for £1, and we will send you our Chiffon fabric in color you selected.

Seeing and feeling the different fabrics will help you decide which color is right for your dress, making shopping at home easy at DUNTERY!


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