Service Upgrade from Duntery -More Comfortable and Wearable

Service Upgrade from Duntery -More Comfortable and Wearable

Duntery always cares how our customers feel about our dresses, so we spend plenty of time on collecting customer feedback. Also, we improve a lot to upgrade our service and offer a better shopping experience for all of our customers. Mainly from the following three aspects.


First, make the shoulder straps adjustable.

Each girl has a different body shape, so the straps won’t fit perfectly for everyone. It impairs the beauty if the straps are so long that they hang down. And it’s uncomfortable that the straps are so tight that they pinched the skin. Duntery realizes the importance of suitable straps and we need to do something. So we surveyed how to make the adjustable straps and looked for a nice supplier. Finally, our factory adds great double rings to the straps of all dresses, it can be adjusted smoothly to fit all body perfectly, as well as save huge tailoring fee.



Second, change into better zippers.

It is believed that most girls are troubled by the zippers which are difficult to pull. It would affect one wonderful day if you’re stuck in dealing with the zippers in the morning. You would think it is destined to be a terrible day!

At Duntery, we also notice this and make some advance. We adopt lightweight zippers which features invisible / concealed nylon closed-end. When the zipper is sewn into a garment, the zipper teeth do not show. These zippers do not separate at the bottom. These upgraded zippers are possessed with aesthetic and practical.


Third, most loved dresses can be shipped in 48 hrs.

All of our dresses are made to order, that means processing time should be considered when you make an order. And normally our processing time is 7-10 business days. Besides, shipping time is 5-10 business days. We recommend order dresses at least 21 business days in advance of the wedding date. However, for some bridals whose wedding is coming soon or someone who wants to receive the dress ASAP, it costs too long time from ordering a dress to receiving the package. So we ponder over how to make this process shorter. The best way we think is to shorten the processing time. We focus on 10 most-loved styles to ensure they can be shipped in 48 hours. In this way, these dresses can reach our customers earlier.


These 10 styles are designed uniquely in more than 70 hues, including classic champagne and popular dusty sage. Fabrics vary from chiffon, satin and velvet. All of these dresses cost below £99. Size from UK4-UK30, free custom size also is offered to fit each body well.

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