The Most Popular Style of Bridesmaid Dresses in 2022

The Most Popular Style of Bridesmaid Dresses in 2022

When planning your wedding, choosing perfect bridesmaid dresses should be a special experience. Our bridesmaid dresses can be tailored to your requirements and body shape, so they will suit many different body types, including full-figured, petite, expectant, short-waisted and more. Looking for the same-color dress in multiple styles? This is ideal when your attendants want a dress that complements their unique figures. Many brides choose multiple bridesmaid gowns to ensure that their loved ones look and feel their best.


Do you know 2022 the most popular style of bridesmaid dress? With flutter sleeves? One-shoulder or halter? Here are three most popular styles concluded.


TOP1:Flattering Bridesmaid Dresses

flattering bridesmaid dresses most feature elaborated designs and choice fabrics. They are also designed in some clever details, like sophisticated off the shoulder neckline matched with delicate straps, Halter neckline paired with the keyhole detailed of the fitted bodice and the back.

These flattering dresses modifying the body defects fit all of your bridesmaids and can show their personality and confidence.


DUNTERY’s top-rated flattering bridesmaid dress: Mia



Halter neckline paired with the keyhole detailed of the fitted bodice and the back, this figure flattering maxi bridesmaid dress is accented with the flirty side slit, for added sexy sophistication to this sleek look. Completed with thoughtful details to reach simple stunning look.


TOP2: Boho Bridesmaid Dresses


If you look forward to decorating your wedding with an ethereal appearance, there is no better way to simulate soft romance than the eternal touch of Boho.

Traditionally, the Bohemian view was inspired by the old style, characterized by thin lace and classical shadow images. However, it has evolved since then and can be overheated or soft, including dust colors, flow lines, and unique shade images of a witch and witch view suitable for a range of bridesmaids. There is no shortage of contemporary retailers and brands specializing in free spirit dresses at all price points. Whether it is an intimate wedding under the stars or a romantic wedding in the countryside, you can rely on a Boho dress to fit the bill.


DUNTERY’s top-rated boho bridesmaid dress: Isabella



A perfect option for a romantic wedding. With double layer bodice and strapless neckline, this maxi long bridesmaid dress adds sexy sophistication to this sleek classic look. A universally flattering look with billowy floaty skirt. Twirling friendly design for a night spent on the dance floor. It especially fits boho wedding style with chiffon fabric and flutter sleeves. It’s so romantic that walk along the beach with the wind blowing the dress up.


TOP3: Modest Bridesmaid Dresses


Many understated bridesmaid dresses are stylish, timeless and incredibly elegant.  Simultaneously simple and eloquent,  these dresses are perfect for situations where you want to respect traditions, maintain a more conservative air, or simply want something that is understated but elegant, without appearing plain. Even better, the latest fashion trends take inspiration from decades past, including the high necks and long puff sleeves of the 80s and 90s. So choose modest and timeless bridesmaid dresses with confidence.


DUNTERY’s top-rated modest bridesmaid dress: Victoria



An easy option as a bridesmaid dress for an important wedding. This dress is completed with a pleated bodice and tank top, a fitted bodice detailed with v-neckline. A simple clean-lined design silhouette flatters every body figure effortlessly.


These are the most popular styles in 2022, but actually, no matter what kind of bridesmaid dress has its special style and it must be beautiful and gorgeous as long as it fits yourself. DUNTERY has various kinds and hues of bridesmaid dresses, most popular styles or others.


What’s more, with so many hues, you’ll easily find the best dresses to match your wedding’s theme and color scheme. Bridesmaid dresses with bright colors are becoming increasingly popular and are ideal for a spring or summer wedding. These feminine bridesmaid dresses add pops of color against a traditional ivory wedding dress and can be easily matched to different wedding styles.


Finally, come and enjoy the happiest moment at DUNTERY.

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