Tips about How to Choose Your Wedding Makeup Look

Tips about How to Choose Your Wedding Makeup Look

It’s your big day and all eyes on you. How to amaze your audiences would be an important thing to you. Dressing up a gorgeous wedding dress plays a great role, apart from that, a delicate makeup look will be of great support. With this look, you will definitely shine in your wedding and catch everyone’s attention. They will say “Wow” to your amazing beauty.


So how to determine a best wedding makeup look is an urgent priority. Read more to get some good inspiration.


Summarize your wedding style

What kind of your wedding style determines your makeup. You can summarize in three words, after that you will know the overall makeup style. If you're going for tranquil-relaxed-beach vibes, you don't want your makeup to be too formal. Instead, you'd likely want breezy, natural-looking makeup to match the setting. The same goes if your three words are formal-classic-black tie—you want your makeup to reflect that. So consider your wedding style and then you can hone in on your dream wedding makeup look quickly.


Take wedding dress into consideration

As above, the whole wedding style should be consistent, which should be kept from all details. So your wedding makeup look also needs to be sync with your wedding dress. For example, a glamorous ball gown pairs well with a classic cat eye and red lip, while a breezy jumpsuit might go better with a light makeup look.


Look for wedding vogue magazine


If you still don’t have any ideas about your wedding makeup look, go ahead to get some inspirations from vogue magazines which posts many pictures of celebrities' makeup. Are you attracted to their neutral smokey eyeshadow? Their stunning red lipstick? Once you figure out what you like about their looks, then you can personalize it to suit you. Learning from celebrities’ makeup is an easy way to narrow down and then determine your best wedding makeup look.


Ask your loved ones for their opinions

If you truly can't decide on a wedding makeup look, It is recommended to learn on people you trust. They will always give it to you straight and will never steer you wrong. You can do it according to their advice but it must be adopted by yourself first because it’s your big day, you must love your face.


Trial, trial, trial

No matter you get help from makeup artist or make up by yourself, a makeup trial beforehand is mandatory. By having a makeup trial, you can specify exactly what you want to look like and you can rule out any looks or concepts you’re not comfortable with. A makeup run-through also allows you to test out the longevity of your wedding makeup look. You'll be able to see if the mascara is actually waterproof or if the foundation you used looks good in photographs.

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