Tips For How To Prepare Your Wedding Dresses

Tips For How To Prepare Your Wedding Dresses

It’s one of the happiest things in the world that he proposed and you will get married to him, your best lover. Wedding is full of sweetness but at the same time it means you are going to be busy preparing it. There are so many things to do, the most exciting one of which is to prepare wedding dresses. How to prepare wedding dresses before your wedding? Don’t worry. Here are some tips for you.


First, Know Your Body Shape


Are you worried about your unsatisfactory figure on your wedding day? Well, you know what? You shouldn’t be. Your fiance loves you the way you are – there is a reason he chose you, so just be yourself. Love yourself and every single inch of your body. All of us have our own nuances – the important part is to know your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Choose the best-fit dresses according to your body shape.


For the pear shape (aka a triangle shape), the key is to elongate the body proportion. Pear shapes look fabulous in statement tops that draw the eye upward and highlight the waist, back, or neckline. Plunging V-necks, A-line, and princess cuts are suitable, like DUNTERY's Stephanie.

For the hourglass body shape(aka a curvy shape),  the key is to define your waist and show off your lovely lady shape. Empire waist and tight dresses could do that well, like DUNTERY's Molly.

For the apple shape, the key is to show your slender legs. V-neck and high-low wedding dresses are good choice, with some decorated accessories better.

Nobody’s perfect, you know. Probably it won’t be easy, wedding shopping is always hard. Just try to keep your positive attitude while searching, and you are sure to get the result that’s totally worth it. Take a look at the mirror, smile your best smile and tell yourself you are beautiful. That will give you a good start.


Consider Pricing

Before you decide to shop for a wedding dress online or in a physical store, you should be deciding on the budget for your dress. Buying a wedding gown is an important part of wedding planning. You can use this chance to start your first budget planning as a family. Keep it in mind when planning your budget. It’s very important to know in advance how much you are ready to spend. Of course, DUNTERY works with our own factory to cut off the extra middle man cost and offer dresses of high quality but at a fair price. Our dresses definitely fit every nuptial party budget.


Don’t Limit Yourself With Styles

Remember that while there are some typically flattering styles, there is no ‘right’ or 'wrong'. If you like the dress, try it on.


The A-line will look very flattering, especially with a waistline: it starts right under the bust and immediately goes into the A-line. A low-waisted corset dress helps create curves: the top of the bodice makes your waist look smaller.


In addition to the silhouette, consider the choice of fabrics. Fine fabrics can accentuate every little detail under the dress, and you don't need to. However, it's important to be yourself. When trying on dresses, think about what you like and don't limit yourself if you like the dress. The perfect wedding dress is the one you like and you feel great in it, narrow down the list of things you like and start looking for it.

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