Tips for What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Tips for What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

 Winter weddings must be the most romantic wedding of all year although nearly three-quarters of weddings take place between May and October. This season arrives with so many emblems of romance: dreamy snowy landscapes, roaring fires, and celestial-inspired place-setting. If done correctly, the winter wedding would surely be a beautiful and unforgettable one.


But we must consider that it's the coldest season of the year, which means many challenges we'll encounter and the symbol of them is the cold surroundings. So here comes the following question: What to wear at a winter wedding?



Four tips here for your reference, keep scrolling!

Consider the Weather on the Wedding Day

If the wedding holds outside or in a cold area during the winter, you need to dress warmly. Make sure you wear something that will keep you comfortable without sacrificing style. Preparing a sweater or shawl would be better.


If the wedding will likely take place indoors. Chances are you won’t have to bundle up all night! It's easier when you look for a dress for a winter wedding. Be sure to consider the climate or ensure where the couples hold their wedding when deciding what to wear to a winter wedding.


Consider the Event Formality

When deciding what to wear to a winter wedding, you’ll also want to consider the formality of the event.


Formal winter wedding

For formal attire, all you have to do is choose a winter wedding outfit that feels elevated, comfortable, and the most like you. Floor-length velvet or satin dresses with long sleeves would be great choice.


Long Sleeves Elegant Bodycon Velvet Maxi Dress (£98.00)




V-Neck Mermaid Sweep Train Satin Dress With Bowknot (£119.00)


Semi-formal winter wedding

Semi-formal attires are the best way to ensure appropriate dress and warmth but also not lack chic styles.


Simple Straight Across Mermaid Floor-Length Jersey Dress (£99.00)


One Shoulder Slit Sheath Velvet Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dress (£98.00)


Casual winter wedding

For a more casual event, opt for a knee-length dress with stockings or tights to stay warm. Pair your dress with close-toed shoes, and perhaps a sweater or wrap to keep your arms warm.


Princess Empire Waist A-line Satin Maxi Dress (£96.00)


Flutter Sleeves Open Back Velvet Maxi Gown (£98.00)


Colours to Wear at a Winter Wedding

Another thing to consider when choosing what to wear to a winter wedding is the color palette. The color should be in line with the wedding vibe. Embrace a warm palette of cold-weather colors such as olive green, Emerald, or burgundy for a seasonally appropriate outfit.


Don't wear white – it's not appropriate for anyone but the bride. If the wedding is in the daytime, do not wear black. Avoid bright colors such as sunny yellow and orange. These shades are best reserved for spring and summer weddings.


Fabrics to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Fabric options such as lace, satin, or velvet are popular for winter weddings. Your fabric choice will likely have a bit to do with the formality of the event. Satin and velvet, gorgeous and graceful, for semi-formal or formal weddings. Lace, delicate and glamorous, for casual weddings.

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