Who Pays For Bridesmaid Dress?

Who Pays For Bridesmaid Dress?

It’s exciting to be a member of the bridesmaid group cause it means you are an important friend of the bride and maybe it’s only one chance in your life which must be a special experience.

However, The subject of bridal party outfits is often the cause of much trouble, especially when it comes to finances! And one of the age-old questions is “Who pays for bridesmaid dress?” Is the bride responsible for all of the bridal party dresses, or do bridesmaids buy their own dresses? Everything related to what the bridal party pays for can get tricky. But panic no more, brides and bridesmaids, because, you'll know exactly who should be paying for the bridesmaid dresses later!


Who pays for bridesmaid dress?

Here are some different situations in this question:

First, bridesmaids pay for their dresses.

1. The bridesmaid dress can be worn on other occasions.

Actually, most bridesmaid dresses are also suitable in other places which can be daily dresses, party dresses, or beach dresses, like DUNTERY’S Katelyn. This dress features a classic V neckline, off-the-shoulder straps, and faux-wrap pleated fitted bodice which is enhanced with flirty side leg slits. Completed with fashion open back. This is a perfect feminine choice for a romantic wedding or other important occasion events.  


2. The bridesmaid dress should not be too expensive.

Too expensive bridesmaid dresses might cause a financial burden to your bridesmaids and it will undermine your friendship. So the best choice is to find a gorgeous but affordable dress.  


3. The bridesmaid dress must be the bridesmaid’s favorite.

Only the dress to her taste will she pay for it. And the bride can offer her suggestion to meet the wedding style.

DUNTERY’s dresses come in 100s styles, vary in Necklines, Lengths, Silhouette, With Pocket or not, With Slit or not. 70 popular hues like Dusty sage, Blushing Pink, Sky Blue, Burgundy, and Rust, work charmingly with the styles, fitting any desired wedding vibe. Here you can make the best choice to meet all of your tastes.


Second, the bride pays for bridesmaid dresses.

1. The dress is in a colour or style that the bridesmaid will not probably wear again.

Everyone has a different taste. If the bride chooses a dress to fit the wedding style which is not loved by the bridesmaid, she must take the initiative to undertake the fees.


2. The bridesmaid dress is very expensive.

If your wedding style is vintage or modern it means all things in a wedding must be magnificent, including bridesmaid dresses. Under this situation, the brides should be responsible for the fees in order to avoid financial burdens to bridesmaids.


Last, the bridesmaids and bride pay for the bridesmaid dresses together.

1. If you know the bridesmaid cannot afford to pay for it, you can offer a part of your funds.


2. It is being custom made so she pays for the fabric and you pay the dressmaker.

But there is nothing to it at DUNTERY, cause we provide customize service, just leave your size we could customize the dress for you, the most important is it’s for free.


How much does a bridesmaid dress cost?


It is surveyed that a bridesmaid dress costs between £160-£240. And the cost of altering your bridesmaid dress must be considered, too, as that may be necessary! However, that £160-£240 price range for bridesmaid dresses can change depending on the type of wedding.

DUNTERY works with our own factory to cut off the extra middle man cost and offers dresses of high quality but at a fair price. Our dresses price from £59 to £72, definitely fit every nuptial party budget.


What about other costs?

Being a bridesmaid comes with other costs in addition to the dress. There are shoes, jewelry, accessories, bridal shower, hens night, and even hair and makeup to consider. So it's important to communicate with your bridesmaids to ensure you are on the same page. Here, we break down the most common fees that bridesmaids and the bride are expected to pay.

Traditionally, bridesmaids pay for their accessories, the shower, the shower gift, wedding day hotel and travel, wedding gifts, and prewedding event attire. the bride is responsible for wedding day hair and makeup, bouquets, corsages and other floral accessories, wedding day transportation, and accommodations the night before the wedding.

Anyway, the best way to solve this problem is to communicate with the bridesmaids or the bride. And it’s the best choice if you both will accept the program. Come and make your bridesmaid dresses shopping easily down at DUNTERY!


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