DUNTERY mix and match desses


A classic color option. Blue always represents love, trust and fidelity. Pick any color from this shade, it would be perfect for a wedding in any season.

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Explore feature products in green shade for a spring or summer wedding. A great bridal party to celebrate new beginnings.

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A top choice for wedding party. Pink can always be associated with love, purity, romance and good life.

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A bold color palette choice. Shade that symbolize passion and love.

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Let the girls show off personal styles. Choose dresses by various necklines, lengths and sleeves types to flatter every body figure.


Chiffon create chic styles easily. Satin brings elegance. Velvet inspires romance for fall or winter wedding. Shop all dresses by fabric and create the dreamy wedding vibe you are looking for.

Q&A - Mix and match dresses


It is a trendy way to mix and match bridesmaid dresses for a bridal party. You can match different styles dresses in one color, or choose the same style dresses in different color but from the same shade palette. For example, shop our most favorite product Katelyn in colors like Dusty Sage, Olive Green, Peacock, different colors from the same palette. Shop dresses that could flatters different body figure and let every girl in your squad could show their own personalities.

Match different style dresses in one color

For a spring or summer wedding, PINKS, BLUES, GREENS these shades are the most welcomed ones. Shop different style dresses in same color will be a great way to have a simple but romantic wedding. We have dresses in different styles like A-line, Empire, Sheath, Column, Necklines ( V-neck, Square, Halter, Off-the-Shoulder) , Sleeves types, Lengths. Top picked products in our store are Victoria, Alexa, Isabelle, Abigail. Mix these dresses for your girls, match them in the same color like DUSTY SAGE, DUSTY BLUE, OR PEARL PINK.

If you are not sure which colors that fits your wedding theme, you could shop color swatches and check these colors in real life. GET FREE 3 COLOUR SWATCHES HERE.

Shop same dress in different colors from the same shade palette.

If you are planning a spring or summer wedding, we would recommend you to try color shade PINKS, REDS, ORANGES. Dresses from category MODEST BRIDESMAID DRESSES or FLATTERING BRIDESMAID DRESSES are designed to flatters all body figures. Shop same dress in different colors. For Shade PINKS, blush pink, dusty rose are perfect match. For Shade BLUES, Skyblue, Mist, Blue, Dusty Blue, these colors will look perfect together.

Also we offer free custom size and all dresses are made to fit for every body figure.